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Apr 20 17 2:40 PM

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Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s Palm Beach resort, shuts down every summer for the season. However, this doesn’t mean Trump will be spending more time in the White House. He’s going to start weekending in New Jersey instead.

If Mar-a-Lago was the winter White House, all indications point to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, serving as its summer counterpart. And local residents are already getting angry.

Last year, Bedminster got a taste of what it would be like to have Trump in town when he holed up in the club to interview potential cabinet members. Street closures created headaches, and those that remained open were snarled with traffic as the local government was forced to pay out thousands in overtime to police.

While it’s unclear how often Trump will visit Bedminster and what effect it will have on the small town, complaints about the mounting bill for his weekends away from the White House are sure to continue.


Mar-A-Lago To Close For Summer Season, Guess Where The “Summer White House” Will Be? (Hint: Not Washington, DC) | TruthExaminer
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Apr 20 17 3:04 PM

Whatever it takes. If Donald wants to take the entire family to FL or NJ or CA or HI or even overseas every weekend, as long as the President is comfortable and happy whatever it takes. I it cost a city $5 or $6 million for extra police and security every weekend or displaces many neighbors or if businesses are losing money as a direct result of his personal vacation travel, so what.
As long as King,,, er, President Trump gets what he wants. Whatever it takes. Right Bob?

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